Felix Barrias


Felix Joseph Barrias (1822-1907)
[Felix Barrias, Felix-Joseph Barrias]
Pupil of:   Father and Cogniet
Teacher of:   Edgar Degas, Gustave Achille Guillaumet, Jules Tavernier
and Jehan Georges Vibert

In "The Triumph of Venus" one may obtain a clear comprehension of the manner of composition and treatment of the eminent French artist Felix Joseph Barrias. Barrias is a native of Paris, born in 1822, where his father was a painter on porcelain. This trade the parent taught the son, and he was such an apt scholar that at the age of sixteen he was able to earn his own living by it, and to enter the studio of Cogniet for instruction in a higher walk of art. In 1844 he captured the Prix de Rome and went to Italy, and his "Exiles of Tiberius" in 1850, which is now in the Luxembourg collection, confirmed his position and secured him a medal of the first class, then a very rare recompense. Nine years later he received the cross of the Legion of Honor for a historical painting, representing one of the movements of the French army in the Crimean War.

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Life Class
Degas Studied under Barrias
Younger Brother won Prix de Rome in 1905 in Sculpture
Ceiling of Court Dining Room
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Lady in blue

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Annointing of David by Saul
A Gaul and his Daughter Imprisoned in Rome - Felix Barrias

Felix Barrias
Felix Barrias

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