Ernst Friederich von Liphart


Ernst Friederich von Liphart (1847-1934)
[Ernest de Liphart, E. de Liphart, Baron Ernest de Liphart, Baron Ernest Friedrich von Liphart]
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There was once a famous collector of works of art and antiquity in Russia named Charles de Liphart. He was the descendant of a Frenchman who had come to Russia to serve the Empress Catharine, and he had in his turn a son who is the present artist Baron Ernest de Liphart. The boy, growing up in an atmosphere of art, quite in a natural way became an artist. His father, who had not yet squandered all the fortune which his grandfather had amassed, sent Ernest, who was born at Dorpat, to Florence to study. There the boy fell in with the now famous German painter Lenbach, who was studying in Italy under the patronage of Count Schack. Count Schack was a German nobleman of colassal wealth, and a great art collector, who during his lifetime encouraged and supported many struggling young artists whom he esteemed to be of merit, and when he died, a couple of years ago, bequeathed his palace and his matchless collection of pictures in Munich, Bavaria, to the nation as a public museum. Lenbach, who was a favorite of the Count's, introduced the young Russian to him, and argued so eloquently in his favor that the Count, who had arranged already to send Lenbach to Spain to study the old masters there, sent his friend with him, defraying all his expenses also. This was the turning pont of de Liphart's career.

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