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Red-haired Leila, Charles Emil Auguste Carolus-Duran
Red-haired Leila, Charles Emil Auguste Carolus-Duran

Red-haired Nude
Could this be the same model?

Carolus Duran (1851 - 1938)
Charles Emil Auguste Carolus-Duran,   Carolus-Duran,   Charles Auguste Emile Duran
Pupil of:   Souchon

Dupont Vicars 1901 Text:
One of the most distinguished artistic figures of our time is that of Charles Auguste Emile Duran, or, as he has chosen to Latinize and abreviate his name, Carolus Duran. He was born at Lille in 1837, and first studied there under the direction of the old painter Souchon. Souchon was famous as a copyist of the old masters, and he impressed their study on his pupil as more valuable than the direct instruction of any living artist. The youth made rapid progress under his advice, and in 1853 went to Paris, where he appears to have subsisted by the sale of his copies, doing little other painting, but associating much with other art students. said to be numerless, and they are headed by the coveted Medal of Honor, which was awarded him in 1879. He has been an Officer of the Legion of Honor since 1878. His wife, Mme. Pauline Marie Carolus Duran, who was born at St. Petersburg, is also a painter of merit.

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