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Cytheraea, Lionel Royer
Cytheraea, Lionel Royer

Lionel Royer (1851-1896)
Lionel Noel Royer
Pupil of:   Cabanel

Dupont Vicars 1901 Text:
When Aphrodite was born of the sea foam, as the mythologies inform us, she landed at Cythera, which received the newly created goddess with proper hospitality. She requited this welcome by taking the island into her favor, and it was made sacred to her, and altars and temples in her honor erected. From this early associaton, the name Cytheraea was frequently applied to the patron deity of the place. The artist, Lionel Royer, was born in the department of Sarthe, at Chateau-du-Loire, and studied art under Alexander Cabanel. He made his debut as a religious painter, in 1879, with a picture of "Christ on the Cross," and has since painted chiefly secular historical subjects and mythological motives. he received his first medal in 1884.

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