One Hundred and Forty Years of Service in Peace and War;
History of the Second Infantry,
United States Army; 140 Years...2nd Infantry The Regimental Patch by TenEyck Van Deusen (Former Second Infantryman) On a field of Infantry blue ... Represeting ... campaigns ... Seminole ... Indian Wars ... The Regimental designation ... Faithfulness ... Courage ... Honor." They're right, of course it fades And it has to be replaced Which causes the usual "Unwarranted expense" But it's Ours! The Regiment's! Godchild of the Standard! Worn by each honorable soldier Of the Regiment! A constant pledge Of traditions to be maintained Proud service to be remembered. Grey smoke - hanging low on the green. Green walls of the Everglades - Keen white winds of desolate plains - Tall arched palms And tall, cold pines - Glory and Death. Honor and Service And always, always the Regiment! The Patch is ours! Something we cherish. The blue and the scarlet on the drab Represents to us The royal blue, the proud gold And the fluttering battle ribbons Of our Standard! We wouldn't trade it For five thousand enamed badges! It is ours! Distinctive insignia of The Second Infantry! Published in "Our Army" for October, 1929.