The Whistle
University of Chicago - The Daily Maroon
Nov 14, 1928

I HEAR that Ford is trying for a new success in the small car field. He will probably turn out a flivver that can also be used for a cigarette lighter.

THE DEMOCRATIC party is about to be re-organized, according to the papers. Well it's about time those two guys got together.

It seems that I have never seen
A girl as sweet and quite as keen
As you who live next door.

It seems that in Eternity
There must be but you and me
I mean you, who lives next door.

It seems that every minute spent apart
From you, is as a minute lost.

From you who live next door.
But some day soon I hope to sock
You right upon the nose
To teach you that "Ramona" is
A blight to all that hear
And that to play it every night
Is not the thing to do, my dear.
Anonymous. Could be TVD or JLP

THE DAILY NEWS, our competitor in the moronic field, says that in a raid Saturday night the police discovered a house in Cicero that was used for the vilest purposes.

So, the Phoenix is being printed in Cicero now, uh?

Dear J. L. P.--
And have you heard of the convict who, aas he was about to be electrocuted, asked, as a last request that the parson hold his hands? Oscar the Sausage Hound
Pseudonym not in Dec 14 list of contributors

AND this reminds us of the prisoner before the bar, who, when the Judge pronounced the death sentence by hanging upon him, replied: "Awe Judge, you're just stringing me, aren't you?"

Ya see--J. A. B.has a communication here at the office from a blighter who seems jolly well sunk. Tyke it off me hands or By Allah! We'll incorporate it into the Whistle!

To J.L.P., whose column this is in the main, our thanks--

"After all--If Stagg conducted the team the way the Ad Department conducts this column we'd whip the Illini--And how!"
The Blind Tiger

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