Island Days
Daily Maroon - Oct 18, 1828

Remember the days that were spent in the Islands,
Long sleepy days, and dim, cool nights?
The friends that we had and the things that we saw
Wonderful friends and wonderful sights.
Those long, dreamy, lazy Island days
With a "boy" at our beck and call
As we lay at our ease on a clean white mat
And we felt that we owned it all.

Ah! The girls that we loved in those Island days,
With names that were soft and sweet
"Ballerinas" they were, and they lived their life
Like their twinkling, dancing feet.
And do you remember in those long Island nights
Guadalupe, La Loma, Taal?
The swing of the music, the swish of the feet
And the warm tropic moon over all.

You lived for today, the toil came "manana"
In that langorous, sweet scented land
You could drift where you willed mid the people "out there"
There was always a kind, friendly hand.
Now I've come to the States and their clear, cold nights
And I'm loving and hating it all--
I'd like to stay here but I'm always afraid
San Miguel there is sending a call!

El Tigre del Norte

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