I watch my fingers type and
wonder at the words upon
the page.  Are these the tongues my own voice knows, or language
mixed with genes from
father poet/mother sage?

August 19, 1951

Ward G2
VA Hospital
Bay Pines, FL

Dear Warrior,

This used to be quite an occasion so how about you taking the enclosed and taking your Mother and Sister out for an anniversary dinner. Might remember a few of the good things about ol' Tiger One.

Have been prowling around thru Mexico, Guatamala and Cuba and finally wound up in St. Augustine -- a jewel of a little ancient city where you can have a beach party and swim on Xmas.

I'm in the hospital being de-toothed! The next fangs the Tiger has will be strictly ornamental. I have been haunting everyone I ever served with trying to go back to duty. Was promoted to Major as a kindly pat on the back -- but no troops.

Tell Jean I haven't had a drink in over three months and I wasn't drunk at the station.

Kiss 'em for me, Son.

All my love, always


Bradley Van Deusen

January 29, 1951
August 19, 1951
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December 19, 1951
December 27, 1951
January 5, 1952
August 2, 1952

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