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NEVADA STATE JOURNAL SUNDAY MARCH 20 1927 By Jack Bell Mister Burro In those sections of- the try Continued from Stt like and no remarks from you There was no question in thel mind of the doctor but tint the timer meant exactly what he said There was a certain about his manner that silenced any idea of and besides there was an old Frontier 45 hanging on this of the prospector that was of itself an argument that left no doubt of what any alleged fun start in the way of fireworks The care that the doctor of the same attention to detail that would have Ween given to a thoroughbred horse At dawn the string were packed and ready for the trail The triarch up last and stood ing- to be The habit was strong even though he was unable to carry himself along A blanket was strapped about him in Heu of a regular saddle He tailed the band Soon he was lost in the valley of the That night after he drifted in and nosed the prospector out of his bed sheet He unpacked and given a feed In the clear perfect moonlight he could Been cropping the cured grassies about the stunted growth Every day thereafter he was on hand Hours after camp was made he drifted in with his blanket pack and the same ceremony was en- Then up above the he followed He had adopted man and the band summer be grazed with the band and really began to look like a ent animal But bo was woefully old and past all work It was while prospecting about the mile-deep outs that radiate rom Conejos peak and contiguous i territory that a half-breed as old and thetic ni the Jack himself unduly excited and pointing with withered wrinkled hands at the old burro began talking in Chinook and the language and pointing at the old animal burro minr All right him ho was told No want um Old like me No good He mine when me boy soon me die he die No Live so never die Never dad buno In hills No where go lie made it plain that ho had a dead burro in thio hills that had died a natural death So it Is with all of the wild animals No man has ever been able to reckon the life of tho Mountain lion elk antelope wolf coyote cat or any other mal that has its life in the great and has never In captivity An animal of the Wild changes habits within the ment or near civilization They are the of the great em- pires and worlds of the This two score and ten animal remained with the outfit for three years and always found his way to the band They irene all ranged in the Gunnison country Then all at once ho changes his mind and will shake his head find the bell of course will summon bis owner Then the burro with the innocent in the world trots back to camp and lines up for his pack Still another thing common that it is rarely spoken ot In the that is the visiting mania the burro has It is not the pickings he may find about an other is curiosity fhe fray not a sound demons except fly There Is clatter of their feet the ping of their all-powerful Jaws It ijs give and take for minutes lind then the weaker de- would moke clear reception of the highest tonal Smith now was ready to listen It la quite that 1C you amplify you to life vibrations that otherwise would be And If you do carelessly you also will emphasize many noises that feat and will start away limping Weeding the attacks of missing might better be listed the This then is your his more powerful i atlon for the seen in some victor never follows seems to newer and better sets as well E has the tof Preference of the fray the Indoor loop aerial in these par bellowing or like noises of victory sets The idea is to keep out and Then will animals The burro as much of the undesirable to antex of call If there is another burro in hearing distance he will get answer Then ho will drift over to the stranger or bunch of strangers as the may be The burrow will sniff each other chew necks They change ends and will fight feed flies and hut hp how> but it est pitch of the violin In short you get true tone Smith interrupted to ask whether amplification was all In the tubee The tubes play a part amplifying largely IM fed to thorn And that points out one of the In ods of amplifying A groat many certain of unco you know in to current what remittance IB to direct current But 1 thought you dealing with direct current In tint audio of i de- tect queried night Hill It Is adirt ront type of direct current which he does not advertise the fnct practical to amplify the extremely H and extremely high frequencies even to Join the which usually are wasted in the at and there is no squabbling average set's reproduction and no showing by the winner i have heard some excellent re- seem to think It delivered from your batteries for Instance Ir It or nt their IK very the It It when with in Unit In tilt Mile tin v tre t audible that K ly Is a matter of putting voltages on the plate of the power tube in order to obtain wonderful results They forgot to give the tube the right frequencies with which to work They off tho low frequencies and some of the when evening comes tho visiting burro will say to new and the fracas has ever occurred In production from ordinary ease of danger from lions wolves an u en- own camp Perhaps the very next morning will find all the new shout one's camp standing stolidly with ears pointed forward intent upon finding out what sort of a the owner of new friend is Thon when they have stood for hours looking about the camp they will start grazing at a sign from tho leader of the bunch thus the entire outfit will go on its way When burros verv of- ten two jacks will m1 et in combat is vicious and in extreme With teeth and hoofs self equipped with an amplifying unit in- In the speaker circuit but at best it does not compare with kindness His amplification that is built Into tho love small children is set This is simple enough when He despises an Indian and will you the facts An old set Is not designed to emphasize the camp p His of smell Is low and high frequencies and at tho ti just well developed as his same time it tolerates tho Under fair treatment ence of stray inductances and other When you amplify th d end of tho in developing will build a ment to him A monument gold would not ba too great a tribute Copyright 1926 by Poll John Smith and His Radio pleasure car month rn dollars and cents volume In the 22 years tory of the Motor Car com- pany Reo officials report since July 1917 when the company was building a car that retailed for has Ileo on in a single month as it did In ruary It now appears certain that March pleasure car production will ex- ceed that of February of 50 pir cent It is stated Production of Flying is being steadily in- to meet iin unprecedented demand Never before has Ileo had on its books the volume of ed orders for current shipment as at the present time biggest I when America entered the war he may still be there with that That the burro has reasoning power is In many ways Take for instance when the pector is about to move camp lead jack a bell when he into the camp he sees that preparations are being made for outfit Quietly the burro turns wanders off Into the buck brush or stands in a clump of thick growth in the big timber His bell is of the large cow type The may go within a foot of him without hearing a sound the burro standing still as a statue He will graze not move the clapper of the bell When his master has gone on thie long circles for him he will re- main In the same spot toe hours