The Text Content on Page 8 of Nevada State Journal , December 1, 1926 is:

HAPPY GOD'S ACRE IN THE DESERT By JACK BELL Smoke wreaths by the desert camp fire in the twilight brings hack the revelries strained faces it the gaming tables big deals in prospects and the dance halls and the hundreds of members of the half-world striving ing the barks of a hundred hoists the fevered calls of stocks on the exchanges maelstroms of desert nd city traffic twenties bringing camp Special to The Journal Nov believed to have been caused by poisonous liquor overtook William Smith 70 while he slept in bed last night Cipriani owner of the cabin in which Smith lived found the body prone on the bed He also found several empty tles on the floor near the corpse which smelled as if they had con- contraband The inquest will be held tomorrow Smith was a carpenter AUSTIN NOTES Miss Ilia Meyers is confined to her home with an attack of sles Mrs Henry and Miss McFadden are spending the week in Reno Gurr cut his foot while chopping wood and was forced to walk on crutches for a few days but is doing nicely again Leslie Mclntyre and A 1 motored to Reno the first of the week William Chatelle departed for Ely with his wile Saturday where Mrs Chatelle will an operation H K in tain where he will transact some business REBUILT A Heldtman 236 and in their ment of merchandise in trailers all bustle all orderly confusion and a population of in a few short This Is in part a brief picture of the desert mining camp of Rawhide Nev in Then came the fire loss on September 3 rebuilt and a cloudburst Just one year to the day fire devastating the flew camp is but a of this world-famous 25 Residents Now Now the population is but a scant 25 souls The same that one finds in every abandoned mining crimp that had the flurry and high excitement all alike the sore spots on the colored hills Hero and there where fortunes were en from the ground at grass roots broken-down buildings a number of gallows frames that stand the desert elements skeletons of heydey boom The outlines of the streets that were at one time gorged with hurrying throngs men and women alike Frenzier real estate purchases and trades tint ran into the five figures five gaming saloons each with a orchestra Five bands nil doing a rushing business Great general stores could bo had that can be found in any city anywhere Standing alone forsaken ten the most soul-stirring sickening that a mind can build under any circumstances where on earth Forlorn the home of the dead two miles east on the early overland trail from Rawhide Nev and far removed from the highway the home ot the gotten dead The cemetery was given by a prospector a part of his claim It lies 1st a desert wash where the wa- ters from cloudbursts rage down in What Not a blade of grass tho very nearest tree 40 miles away and the closest water 25 miles in the dis- tance on the vast area of flats Barren hills no living thing not even a lizard the graves for- gotten No loving hands to keep them no visitor the single exception of the stray ote and even he the desert sneak swerves and does not cross the sacred ground Notables Here There are some notables buried here A famous titled Irishman in ill health took the short way out and lies in a space flat and covered Over yonder are the last resting places of three women who took the nearest way to rest Here is what had been an old-time prospector aged and bent in his quest for riches He made it and succumbed to the of a city slicker who robbed him the slicker soon afterward meeting a just demise from tho Tiands of an old partner who smoked the non- producer into the other world with Houdini's Magic Secrets Live Says Magician Friend DETROIT Harry Houdini carry his magic to the Or If as according to reports lie bequeathed the ander Hardeen formula to lils brother are the secrets solely in the possession of his kin Howard Thurston noted con- temporary of in the field of magic says no In a telegram received here soon after reports were published secrets died with him Thurston said that the how of stage tricks were known to capable professional magicians generally As far handcuff cell and straightjacket escapes were concerned Thurston said that the key to their mystery Is sessed by Harrison L Davies a business man of Jackson Mich Da vies sales manager of the Reynolds Spring company sand storm and cloudburst In all the United States in each and every phantom city of mine stampede glory and rush in any mining camp there is no such view a timeworn old Frontier 45 Colts One has desires for hasty ure to get as far as possible away and was never held by the jury Justifiable homicide He lies be- side a Frenchman who could not where winds and sun from this forgotten glare hold stand the hardships and lack of the carnival while they sleep on and comforts of his former f ment 3'neumonia So on it goes I Of course there are heartaches here where a bad gunman lies and n the places of comfort and amid next to him the toil-hardened body of the old washerwoman who lowed excitements and stampedes all her life Pneumonia took most of these three score md ten pleasures and plenty These graves are probably green in the memories of many Even the unknown dead resting there in the The ness are remembered great many of sweeps of sand and sagebrush The board blasted names Here the faint marks of a child's Loving hands that have gone far away outlined little spot with heavier rock 0110 can see Now where the en marker has been turned to the enst the name can with difficulty be deciphered newest grave marked by a wooden the old-time prospectors when they cross was taken to this desert smudge their fires In the worlds of resting place three years ago one sage Some one they knew single mourner An old prospector never forgets Xo an Night In the evening the night birds seem to sing a sweeter lullaby the magnificent stars come out and one can imagine the gentle that spreads over this the most desolate spot of its kind on the fare of the earth The birds desert starlings and desert sparrows awaken the world as they strain their throats in melody and harmony to the opening of the day a religious fervor apparently given by the feathered songsters to remind any wanderer of sage wastes that these bodies are not forgotten graves are that thr unmarked remembered by them and that each and every day they foregather and sing processional and recessional to the departed souls But one only finds the birds Micro in tho late evening and in the steel gruy of the morning A heart wrench is in each and marker in this wash where the elements hold sway warped mixtures of grinds of ing town and city strife and life sail his brain His mind Is clear with tho clearness of religious de- honesty and liberality for his fellow man men are good and all women are pure to him The thousands of miles of hill Mountain and desert give him confirmation to the great Creator of all things No priest or candle Is his need out there in the great world of primal A Sermon So it Is with those who He in this lonely place Their souls went marching on Again the extreme horror of It afi forces an argument into the mind that these people arc not forgotten but are just as close to their Maker as those who lie among tho green trees and velvet lawns with costly headstones and marblo shatts To visit this forsaken burial ground teaches one who wanders In the uninhabited un- known the fallacy of worldly things There is a sermon there is food for thought that takes one back to Mother's knee There is a sort of fear a feeling of that prompts Immediate dence with those who have become almost strangers to him all be- cause of his wanderings in the out- lands alone Right away one wants His burros seem to feel the atmosphere and remain near J and seem anxious to leave the at first break of dawn One's Blind for hours afterward is in turmoil with a thousand queries and for days dissatisfied and un- easy Don't visit this place or you will be out of sorts for days and days with the pity of it all Copyright 1923 by Jack Bell