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SECOND SECTION NEVADA STATE JOURNAL SECOND SECTION APRIL 11, 1926 THE BEST FISHING HOLES ON RIVER Jack Bell Gives The Lowdown on Where to Go on the Opening Day By JACK BELL The trout season opens in Washoe Friday April IS. on the Truckee between by Oam on the east and Valvada on west Chief Alps of the II S. bureau gUes the official at a. m. and sunset at p. m. This permits the to start at 4-19 a. m. and close at p. m. The law says that fishing Is permitted one hour sunrise and two hours after sunset The limit of Jish is 25. Worms For Bait The bait to be used will be den manure willow grubs of all fresh spawn tied In Tyee salmon Boots A Brand New Anglers full two inches longer than any boot we have before REGULAR BLACK SPORTING BOOT INCORPORATED kJ Good Shoes For 50 Years nnd strips of fresh The river will be in but bait Loch Dolly perhaps an occasional Pyramid white fish and suckers will be the fish Keep the and During this bank full period time of the stream there is no better pan Both should be Over a thousand licenses have already been issued by The sporting goods houses report their sales far ex- ceed any previous and that the enthusiasm is more marked than ever In The Pools Along the heads of in the known will be a good bet for a for it the fish are moving they generally follow the oldest shore Pish deep in the drag the lure close to the bottom anywhere that looks good Try mid-river riffle foot of alongside and behind rocks anywhere that looks like a place where feed drifts and eddies a until you locate their feeding grounds for the Take a bit ot time and look around and see how beautiful ture is beginning to Watch and listen to the birds a they are singing their mating and they are in the the trees and sage Note the many varieties of flowering nnd the gaudy spring coloring of the many low growing flowers that rise through the opaque grasses on the southern exposures It will be a revelation and will bring hand in hand with the national Watch for the little lead colored water ousel and he takes to a tree you may be able to hear his and sweetness that issues from the throat of no other feathered in- satisfying a lullaby to ex- cited or troubled Watch the Magpie Keep your eye on the magpie He is the the and the regular outlaw of the whole Take note of his and and his Imitation of other birds The above are merely suggestions taken from hundreds of interesting things that may be seen if one but observes Just a little bit. Try it. to be had In the sporting goods The two of the old timer market the three in split and the twelve foot old cane one still called The prices range from 50 cents to There are new and tive lines of every kind and The hand laid oil raw silk They cost from two bits to for 5 everything that can be obtained in any great city from that start at 2Be to Creels with leather go from to plain are a bit the straps or ging is coats from the full of pockets to the full skirted regular hunting popular with the old timers The latest thing Is a short coat used with that la a mighty fine chuck full of pockets Then there are sandals to wear over rubber boot an English that puts a stop to any ping with the ordinary Even For the first time in the history of sport in the boats have John C. Durham of the Chevrolet outfit has on display a steel 14 foot He furnishes the motors for their He already has sold eight of them and has orders on his books for more that go up to Eagle Sure a novelty to see a boat dis- played in a Reno window and at- tracts a heap of the small use from five to eight regular shot singers about two inches above the Tie to attach the make up plenty for Che days you may need the Truckee cannot be learned In a month or Here are a couple of that may There are two old timer methods to bait river counting which is staying in one place ting the pole and being at ease be- side One is with the the bottom of the the cork so that the rill without hanging up the cost to 70 is the tip of the rod Is elevated Again the goods stores are offering substantial prizes for the best fish Their windows are really wonderful in their tasty at- tractive appeal to the general and all day crowds linger about the The dealers all sav fhat there are more girls and women making inquiries for tackle this so than in all the I years they have been In The presumption that they have caught the fever like the eastern who are really with I the male In this healthful may be the Matter I of fact many women can outdo the majority of the men when it comes to getting the and making the and even to the wading The Now as to It's a good thing to have a couple of floats in your are made up at rnd take a A piece of heavy gut two feet snell a number 3, 4, or B. Banner mill the one with and when made so that the line is a straight with no The other practice they can the Both of these casts are made at an angle of several degrees up with the straight line there is no and the chances are quite a centage against one in getting The fish lie close to the as all feed during flush water rolls the It is a pleasure to watch the veterans at this they are certainly Well With the wonderfully successful work James in charge of the itate fish Fish and Gama at Verdi gnd the finished careful ing done by James Morrell at the Washoe county hatchery at wild the streams are being kept well stocked with A feeling against the use of fresh spawn has developed among the An organization will be created soon for tion if game and fish This outfit will isk the county commissioners to stip the use of fresh spawn for all A very Important matter to be considered by those not entirely familiar with the Nevada state laws la to be very careful to fish within hundred feet of any dam or fish either below or Regular peace officers will be well scattered along the river from now until the fishing season so exercise care in not com- ing- in conflict the The Truckee river fishing really begins at the Virginia street the principal street in and from there 20 miles figuring the meanderings of the At Virginia Street Bridge The first really attractive water for the bait and that will be the sport for some time to is at the ditch spill In the dam at the Virginia street then up all along the to the lower point of George park where the riffle breaks from the long sweep of rather ordinary water at the park bridge that runs into this Then follow on up to the Newlands the head of the riffle that leads Into the dam that breaks against the Island in the park This Is immediately be- low the narrow red foot bridge that caries the water main across the Fishing above this to the big bridge at the electric and where the tall race runs out Is generally Just above where the main channel joins this water for a hundred yards is fishing Then comes park and the tail race that comes from out the lakes thats Now comes the water for a mile up to the gravel plant and The pool where the spillway gushes out from the power ditch la generally good for fine fish at this stage of Now the Islands formed by the river splitting three ways from the power there will be flab In these and perhaps some good At the head of this power dam one generally has mighty fine In this very deep riffle where there are many great Pretty hard to get Into the river on either side from here to the At Oils latter the road aide la the better and a bit up a flume empties Into the stream where one may get nice Then a mean ornery swift riffle take you to the Irrigation dam at a pool that has been religiously fished with great success for years and Either aide Is fine for any kind ot bait A short riffle then to the low dam at fhe foot of the where Herb Hill took the largest rainbow on bait that has been caught for many Either Hide of the water la good leeway tof the Now cornea some blank water In the long curved rapids that begins at the foot of the well known Mayberry probably the longest and beat pool in thla tion of the Good Trout Kara year there were a heap ot good trout caught along up 1 to the and to the pool at the wing dam that makes a blic deep round resting place for ning The waters from here to the rapids just below tons Is rather hard to net and hardly ever good The Lawton pools and eddies IK real fishing on both sides of the and runs up and behind the I water tank on the highway or north