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SECOND SECTION NEVADA STATE JOURNAL SECTION SECTION JANUARY 24, 1926 CHASED Fishing in Nevada If 0t As Tame as It Appear LOCAL BREAK ALL SPEED WHEN ANGRY BOVINES GET B USY AND START NING THEM FROM PRESERVES THE A JACK BELL STORY By JACK BELL I The title of this yarn dont mean peace nor the Chief of Police and Sheriff Jack ana it mean any of their rank or a few running records made well known fishermen and lers who haunt the famous river during the open when paced by a whirlwind bull That peaceful sleek that in a flash becomes a deadly mass of hardened ferocious beast that has turned into a creature as deady as the great jungle inhabitants of the unexplored regions of That certain pride that Instilled In red blooded man and the pumping of n high speed heart becomes a mere and Inherited bravery and turns into high coordinating functions of mind and body just plain I am the opinion that every guy that has had a real honest to goodness speed tournament with a wild eyed bull should have his name em- blazoned in the sportsman's hall of tame It is mighty ridiculous to see a heavily equipped man ahead of a big Of course one and from a safe place of vantage between yells and guffaws To the onlooker the victim Is and ha only sees the supreme test ol human and animal competition ol going somewhere in a heck of a He does not note the touch of the toe of the heavy boot as it delicately hits the or the levelled grace of sr flies hither and and utterly ened by his falls to hear the staccato bark of the man culling the shades of Isaac Walton's lesser and us human companion for The rapid behind a fleeing man sounds like the call of A fraction of time in a glance and there the huge bulk comes fleet as an roaring grunts of gladness of a kill or mutilation before Now a matter of and the expelled breath of the loping killer can be felt on the back of the where the skin has be- come taut and speeding cold blasts seems to make every pore wiggle and go icy a fine Then plunging into to The lungs burning like every nerve at Its limit of tension Muscles moit Then the unable to stand Each and every function of the body doing the exactly like a in Arkansaw with his early morning and If you laugh at the experiences of these old time fishermen doing their limit of I only hope you will have the same and know mighty well that a bull will never get You really have no idea how much physical effort is contained in your hide until you experience the thrills of going out wraps ahead of an angry An a nice smooth pasture with nothing on the terrain to interfere with your Wheeler lake lies in the lap of the high of the Sierra vada It Is stocked with mouth famous In the restaurants of Reno for their The little lake appears from the higher points of the like the green of colored with and with all the sparkle of this rare The setting of the lake is this stone set In green A perfect and restful place to shoot long casts for this fighting The shore line gently slopes the level of the rounding ground for many yards lowing one to the hiding and feeding grounds of the fish along this minature beach The great pasture filled with tle goes far In every direction from the rim of the Sage brush appears at It la at this beauty spot that fishermen are invited by the Wheeler folks to try their On a late summer evening when the fish are clouds of feed hovering over the water and the setting sun dropping bebing the massive peaks of the several of the known lers were trying their among them Tod Quite a few young heifers were feeding about the alter having slaked their denly there appeared on the him a three-year-old bull He was ing mad to see his herd so near the human He growled deep in his throat as he pawed gravel and dirt and tossed hta head from side to working up his anger to attack He started down the directly after who let out a war whoop and started his The crazed demon followed along the edge of the Powell was sure making fast mall time Glancing back he saw a badger start for the brush almost between the charging animal and himself The running and that bull attained speed he had failed to show before the advent of what he took for a Was The badger seemed to be directly behind the bull and not over 20 feet him cried Powell the comedy In and from a week and frightened vidual he developed Into a cal being who rolled on the beach In his Joy of escape and of the Herb bait fisherman extra- Is very fond of the pools and mad and he Is one of the fantes of Reno fishermen He can do 60 feat In and is able to negotiate riffles where in the regular course of aife absolutely prohibitive of was out of breath He had to he The bull wasn't Like a flash the Idea germinated in Powell's mind as in gasps he shouted with all his Etc Eat him Kill A glance at the badger was enough for that he changed ends in a circle of a his raised tall his head the angry and snorts ceased miraculously That badger wan sure hot footing for his gome of the beat water on the famous Truckee river flows through the immense Durham ranch at Along the north Just below the famous what is probably the fastest riffle on The whole river up against the south la rowed down Into a deep canal by the five-foot On the north side Is one of the large pastures of the big There la a sparsely scattered growth between the river and the open and a wide shore naked of even drops down to the river's edge from the small gently sloping to the On the south side of this narrow channel there Is a dense growth of small mostly that makes a landing ordinarily iro lad stood like a graven thing When le me go through the small rees down to the Naturally forgot all about the while I vas setting Had rolled a and was all rigged to sMp a line the rapids it enters the dont iver tell me that man does not freeze up and become a physical piece of That great beast waa coming straight at me in silence and with unbelievable Did you ever see mated pictures where they have been speeded up a thousand to one? Well that is what I become after the shock of seeing that raging bull coming for me. long spidery strings of saliva hung from his lowing that dropped His wicked eyes were actually burning red dots In his broad black His tall was up in the air like a a horrible nightmare of an Before I sprung into action he was 25 feet and I had that distance to the haven of the boiling Fishermen had arrived on the possible on account of the swiftly running and Hill heard the snorts and deep high low murmurs of. a great black roan beast he had noticed while skirting the pasture in making his way to his favorite He was enough to get a good look at him an noted that he was a strat ger In his bull had a chest like front end of a box said Hill was alone at the time Never before paid much at- tention to these But I did observe that he was the biggest bull I'd ever and that his great spread of shone like sword blades In the that he easily weigh a I saw the gentleman was alert and south high up along the road at this period of the running wwr the prayerful as Hill with flying leaps made for that dangerous the only to safety He yelled In his He let out a rapid fire of The heavy rubber waders that reached to his hips did not Impede hto He did not seem to eyen strike the with his feet and wafted over the bar like a The lowered head was within a foot of back flung He certainly could feel the hot puffs Of breach of the wild The men on the trades were silent and back Just in to see he galloping bull making the coffee Rudy Herz was by the thudding hoofs In the soft dirt when the animal was a few feet away From the prone position on his he arose with 9, quickness that at once suggested that he had a set of powerful springs under In a twinkling he was far behind the little grove of A disappearance so ly executed that the onlookers eyes and wondered If he had really been lying down Pull length a moment Prom his place of security he let out a yell that could be heard a The his Stever saw the enraged critter change direction and make straight for He was boxed in the corner of the pond like a rut in a The only chance he had for his life was that cliff He la an Anyone who ever hunted and fished with him knows he has the heart of a lion and stamina of the best of He did the seeming impossible With a spring like a bob cat after a rabbit he launched himself against that grabbed the small shelves and actually went to the top of the for all the world like a a feat that none of the rest of bunch would tare to That Not that any one could it waa Last fall this same that broke bounds from his home ranch and took across the river In the big bunch of Like smiled and on to the other fisherman hurrying to the In the laito hla whole mind was centered on the famous sand bar where the big ones fed that time of He was outfitted with the regular uniform of the Truckee river fisherman Heavy hip long handled landing heavy hunting cont filled with all the varied junk packed by all who fish the kee and with his rod set up was hurrying along the middle of the a He was dangerous and The Wiley boys took his trail and found him in the ged hills north of Boca and killed It appeared that mountain of. flesh the had Most every one of fhe fishermen In Reno knows He was in a hundred yards from the stone that were masked by a jungle of briers and small banking the to ten feet at the yelled Gulling look run for your Brown turned to look at and failed to proaching A He screamed Brown looked over shoulder Corning with the speed of a racing a bull came chaining di- at along like a quarter A mottled dirty gray and tan tall erect stiff as a the tassel of long hairs streamed out a nant In a gale of wind Ordinarily Brown Is not a speed maniac when It comes to hiking but after one good look he sped away like a He glided through His shod feet and legs like pistons on a high speed There was not a rock nor a club on that level He sure acquired speed His basket left his hip and flew straight behind The bamboo staff and fly rod were grasped in his left man but he ran Yelling like one and even time he let out a. the bulk behind put on more Many hundreds of fine slashed the running Tne trout are there each and swung his head with a cutting every year file better ground to strike both then struck make lB from the Ihe Now to the watchers it gravel etai garld bars on the certainly was plain that Hill walked of the To reach this that dangerous canal right Qne muat wallt the oh top of the breaking and pasture from the old Verdi angler that fishes the Carson Walker and a other known streams within n of knows the inimitable that 200-pound chap of good nature and fine ship As a was a Many ho has con- fessed that he familiar with the and eral temper of He has often discoursed to buddies on the bulls that and grained erous fut bulls and thin thoroughbred and long always made when one of the critters appeared In his line of shooing them while the rest of the crowd took a listen he would after lunch at the cotteo It's up to vou whether a. bull you or Now look at one never has given mo What I when he begins to paw and dig his horns In the 1 Just heave a rock at good und there you One early afternoon the gang parked car at Merrill's the old wooden structure down at the Walsh the other of Verdi on the rood to Dog Most of the crowd knew that the wime bull that had given Hill such a fright the stream on the north and not coring to meet that ferocious beast took the side of the although the north side was the favorite casting Heldtman made a few facetious not having any and kidded them about power and closed the gap between their them a few Inches Gullying yelped crashed Into the east of Mayberry bridge Down The bull Into the rapids by lne two ditches are taken to his He raged and stamped and growled deep down In his hairy with the out and then the the there Is a large and long nay From the highway across the green In the Is a MACE WITH A LAUGH LIKE A PHONOGRAPH DICK WOK PICTURES of his disappointment of are fed in the winter a Hill lay and eyes the bull across of Ho tried to M a The reaction and hundred A clover j ter of a few rocka scattered ield are the a breaks of a lawn that gently the rocks ta SAtOME f scattered by Bis feeding ground are a long in along the up and looked across at the mm During the summer this that stiH held his position in the ce by a bunch 7 1925, by C. C AB Property most of the and don't Like to Print some of the things he as It is Too Cold Back East yet and he wants to Stay here awhile He would raise his head 8tock and then whoof and lower Qne the mammoth and swing his terrible horns this Qf the blood 8un was naif side and that coaxing d benina the ragged peaks and pleading tor to come of the Heary P. Brown and For a full half hour Hill and tnat Lawrence Gulling mad their way bull passed compliments of the tne Gulling followed a line dividing the two Biown cut directly through OLD MISSOURI JIM This is a picture of Old Missouri Jim Keenan who waa driving the Harque Hola Bullion Wagon when it waa Robbed of the Gold which we ore going to tell you about this Burled Treasure pretty soon which hasn't never been found yet and full about will be Printed Only in the Salome so Now is the Time to Subscribe and Avoid the Never was such beau- descriptive ting on just beton Si the The com- epithets at that an- were They issued from a condition of nerve and physical exaltation by near passing death or serious and then i in the very heart of the Truckee river canon Is Without any argument the most beautiful tion of the many ideal along this wonderful It Is here that the waters of the river are crystal where there are three magnificent pools that are so deep that the water is green and swift singing riffles pour through small Islands Where the fishing is of the where the big ones and where a hooked fighter can be played to the Perfect perfect surroundings for the the middle of the lot where there over the gate that lends down to the Just bit a man witnessing a of i ways and It was for bridge It big brute closed the gap until he park begins A few clumps was almost upon The bull sensed that his might gain sanctuary In the rock piles and grunted when he lowered his head with a so close A wide trail used by Brown felt the horns rip along his coat The race con- seconds of but Brown lived a as he gave a high jump and literally dived Into that through the leaves hedge of He to the spent and The bull also took a run and really en- to would fall bellow try again and At snorting and digging up tWS turf with his shining he trotted back to his Blown was a regular scare crow when he joined Gulling His hands and face were a mass of his coat his boots flapping n strips of a long gash on his the way to handle these bad and both arm black and blue and He was a fine looking sport Gulling was still doubled up laughing Brown with blood In his eye started after then ing the show he must have other side of the is here that a small trees and willows ore along the shore of the river at the point where the formed by the middle pier of the breaks the cattle down to the river yards from the Hidden in a small patch of lows that old devil of a bull was ing Heldtman he the watering trail to the He stood like a. graven colossus until Heldtman was make the then ho charged let out a and grabbed a rock and struck the fast moving ter square on the out you big you he yelled as he hurled an- other rock you guys see that That's He turned Just In time That bull never even noticed the rocks hod struck him Probably created an urge to demolish the nmn did not wait upon on Page 3, Col 7)