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RENO NEVADA SUNDAY OCTOBER 7 1923 THE LURKING MOST DREADED IN THE He also another When he an object that 11 he will tlie JACK BELL TELLS MORE INTERESTING THINGS CON- LIFE ON THE WESTERN DESERTS BURROS ARE CLEVER ANIMALS HE FINDS By JACK BELL his head with mouth half opened The Sidewinder is the only t th person behind him thine that is feared and bv this very he was i fellows of the great open Theie the name th it he t is but one other reptile th it i- i w mder higher in common mis but one other snake that his the must object and when he Ins 1 It been to the invariably makes the same motions of the Malay He attacks and with the same results as the Tn the his n Almost are even faster his of I the first strike he will open hia fs more and he fights and take another bite and v the death Poco is rn until it s killed 01 drops of as name for him So the cill own accord and then he wil wise Mm down there in the his body for several inches and su v the deserts of h ml go through the lifting west where water jumps are never that shows his m every known less than 50 miles Oh yes I clean forgot to s iv Mi it this fearful thins -s desert snake ht has several m inn that mean nothing to i Lurking Death What has been said of him bv m- make us laugh lie s mere anything else w ith the exception Has No Fear his none He is 1 er from choice it it ail times His it the human being He is never known to strike or he in wilt for ot firmly to high biow j some of the small chaps To us he is a lurking beetles horrible death What th y of his habitat and his is I had the one It was ill Hick to be struck this wis Down there known to us what is of him Is burlesque to our way of some a of rattle weed that in Interview on Luther P Christensen SEPARATIST MEETING BECOMES ARE SHOT T in inon in IP nr FAMOUS PLANT WIZARD BELIEVES THAT PLANT LIFE WILL YET HAVE BIG PART IN REGENERATION OF THIS RACE What started out as a mass meeting of separatists in View of main thoroughfare of Dusseldorf were killed and over a hundred wounded French authorities a bloody riot when security police and communists fired upon each dorf in the Ruhr district became j other and a score of persons blame the police for the trouble cases will make a sound like thinking These wise don't sneaking living destruction as space as they do a common K the cinnamon the big fellow tins that we seldom ever kill One gets bit careless miking trail a isto like the San Augustine plains w aty is pure snow Whv They going studied him in Ins own necessary environment They have never ed tht deserts between w iter jumps they have never it across one of the basins of couple of shy of water To short cut to the reason they know nothing about him except from specimens they have seen along well brolien trails oC The lives in the inl barrens of the deserts of the west I have never teen them in tht upper reaches of the Mexican try This snake never attains i length greater than 18 month and his girth is In excess of the of one's small finger lie is of down the long wij which is on account of the broken below and I could not figure how this little one could so far ho did nevertheless I killed hm pronto I made dry camp snipped my leg and ture enough there w is a led clot that had begun to swill It was jusi about what a needle would do I was a bit sick at the stomach Then pain would shoot through my whole body I was scared I had a long ahead to get out of the cither way The nearest lanch v as on the that was before me I was rattled for a minute as I had witnessed several deaths from this same cause and then I thought of tht outfit that I had in my shirt pocket a little emergency case with an always loaded syringe country on the crossway I was walking ahead of the of potash I shot tht J half boot deep in sand that by the the mottled variety similar to ti com- mon water snake of the cistern Mates Of rattles he n equipped with but three or four nd of course the button in ill the 30 some jears have 1 heard of a single case where this warning Not even when lit is ing will he mike anv effort to w ftf silica and white an One must always carry a handled shovel or a stiff switch to kill this vermin You know a is to kill by striking mm sharph across the back anywhere But with this accursed every precaution must be taken on account of the rapidity with which he moves and the even ingle from w Inch he can sti ike Attention Distracted My was c to one f he that had a shifted pack Vow there was a hit of cats claw growing through the sand piles tint al.vavs cover ind un- cover as the winds shift them aboi t When I left the le id of the animals thing into where the tiny red was Then believe nif 1 was ick couple of hours and while was the canvas one the and i had lacks for one animal and in trav hat made 50 pounds a load Really Sick I was sick I tied a his tail as docs every the rattlesnake family other one of Put he w ill switch his tail like an angry c it starts a fight Attacks This is the one lung t n his the one peculiarity that is sessed of no other of the ily When he is within man's dius he will go like a b own stu ik toward him not from him ns other snake docs Theie is cue single exception the cobrn He rarely ever coils as tin all the venomous He makes two great curves with a third of hi length and strikes with deadly He strikes from every known angle while crawling and he streaks through the sand ind small of cats claw like the swift This little instrument of death wil be going fiom one hum in mirk toward another and in so in sight certainly After killed here w as no snake two hours travel I no less thin 20 After I tightened cinches I walked the mals to break trail At my second step I heard the weed Years of life itic illy mv the peculiar reuse Tust is point a dirty biown it my shin Likt the fool I was hiving examined many specimens in every possible But mall tablet tht little puncture vith me I guess I was the first me that had taken this shoit cut or a long time and of course was up against it was no for any Injun or grouser to how up Burro Helps Him I made up my mind to a try n the morning I couldn't leave there Had to tike it along iO miles to a ranch an I anything might happen to started at gray day God bless ittle old jack I hung on toe side 31 the pack and he to n in almost human way mat 1 and through the pure white miles of alkali they will surely lead their master to sweet water It has been done countless times Not only that but they will keep right on and lead out into a grass country somewhere A remarkable thing the burro is that he never to remember a country that he has once been over He will always take the exact line of his previous march Don't Eat Cans A little kindness and bit of salt or sweets of any kind will never fail to win a burro If you feed him at noon up prop all the way and landed at the I time and at the same spot It -a hardly necessary to say that all stories about a burro living on tin down on the Datil plains at midnight John Coxe who is a tory in himself of tha past 40 years down there in the Indian country took care of me it too The flesh sloughed away from my shin and to this day I have the where that hellish varmint struck through my boots Now theie is another thins that I find obtains not only with me but with a goodly number of other eg began to swell but that was us nothing compared to the molten hot ead that in every vin ind eiv I was getting and moie scared all the time too When the straight up I was about ill rope about leg under rats that have been scratched But this was I had and hot t into Of com se my and that s the manner I watched him as he his chewing stunt I h id heavy dry tanned half ordinary trousers sorks ard fl Toi per haps 10 seconds IIP chewed Then dropped to the 1 ished his tail and spun his head and neck in every at once He trem bled with lage Onto I imagined I felt a light prick on nn shin but gave it slight thought light then as I never for a moment thought that it was possible for the snake to reach went out of my I come to myself lust as the big red balloon was going down over the hog backs in the west Sly was as big around as my my eves did not seem to want to I directed them They wanted to turr right back up inio my Say he c ireful of if ever have t nth to take one of our trips into the big places down there Well I got through mght somehow and there was that poor burro without any food I had some rind him a sip I was getting There I was ns hoi t of water and strength too and my leg the size of a barrel a caw of root hog or die with the snake Every year during the excessive heat along my shin there appears a great mottled green and reddish brown arei showing from where the ture was given then it spreads eral inches around it looking for all the world like i bruise Burros Lead Way Guess 11 In the north reaches of Death ley there are any number of springs arsenical and otherwise cans and rubbish are nonsense thi rankest kind What he does fool around a can for is the sweet taste from the paste used in putting wrapper This same reason applies to any paper that has salt or sticking to it He is Many deaths these springs have been caused by tenderfoot prospectors fond of both of those things There is but one vegetable hs will not cabbage He will find good nutritious where any other animal would starve There is a tain cats claw on the desert that he will actually fatten upon and he will take a chance at cactus if he is forced to it Cactus is really fine forage but bard to on account of tre spines When a Bluzard is brewing though the weather conditions at the moment may seem the burr but gave too There It was filling up with the water when their burros can not bo in to wet their muzzles There it is again Give the burro and even in that little area of Death valley which has been so much ten joke to the old tors by the will load to good sweet water times an old prospector has an ac and loses his water He may not know exactly he next water hale is located Wt will start on the trail and u n the jacks loose Down through ran yons the sands into the m one of his kind on one of the deserts