The Text Content on Page 1 of Oakland Tribune , May 6, 1923 is: Oakland and day fair except cloudy in t i o winds VOLUME TEN CENTS OAKLAND CALIFORNIA SUNDAY MAY 6 1923 Copyright by TRIBUNE Co US 1 TO 12 NO SIMI nnw nun Accusations Which Brought Boaid Hearing Laid Before Com Colbourn More Than a Year Ago Six-Year-Old Conspiracy to Superintendent ter Claims Attorney inson Summarizing Case Evidence that charges brought against Superintendent of Schools Fred Hunter part of a year-old and that the same charges Before Commissioner Frank more than a year ago the high lights of meeting ft the Board of Education to in- accusations made by School Director Georgia Ormsby This evidence brought the ment from Superintendent Hunter that It meant the crash of all Charges against h'm and clerly showed that had been made at this time for purely political purposes It is significant that the tion against me did nothing with these a ago although they were in control of tha hoard holding a majority which rot 1 See U.S Movie j Bathing Queens WASHINGTON Mar Newt Fiji succumbed to the lore of American movie bathing beauties and other frills of films from the western world de- of commerce in- In order 10 a chance to scan the United States motion productions the per cent ad valorem daties fixed by the tariff laws have been abolished Formerly only Brit- ish ported free it PHI I AS RAISIN Fresno Stages Wild j tiou When Returns Show Victory for Campaign to Get Necessary Acreage Life of Growers Association Assured Bombs Exploded by Airplanes Notify ple of Success replaced by Moner Baccus Why iul they not bring at time there any truth in j FEATURES Legal legal spai ring cheers by the and other Incidents featured the battle Statistics shown that the Liberty bonds are intact Hunter is now accused of ing of manipulating the Liberty bonds though it done Several school principals day testified that the matter of using these little Liberty Bond funds was considered but was dropped when it became apparent a ci able Several they be- Hunter was first to broach the idea other witnesses they thought he not All the witnesses agreed mat tne episode happened four and their memories are somewhat hazy on the v hole business HUNTER'S ATTORNEY SPRINGS SURPRISE Hunter's ney Harrison sprung a when he out timony to show that the present charges Hunter known by Mrs Ormsby and ers of the faction and that this faction ought the same charges before Commissioner Frank nearly a vear ago Nothing rame of Robinson intimated that it was peculiar that the same matter should be resurrected before tion Director Georgia issued formal statement that the dles of Kunter as written and signed recently by many tf trere obtained under duress and threats that those not signing not be promoted HEARING AVILI BE RESUMED MONDAY The meeting finally 3 V the hearing will be resumed with a larger crowd in tne city council than ever before Di- Fred Campbell asked that the audience make no tions Chairman George Hatch seconded this the board members not to make tory remarks After a short bit of routine timony by Principal H D ffpM Fremont cesa stand I had nothing to do the possession of Liberty said Hunter And whatever I did at IS 19 campaign was with the full knowledge and consent of the HOTTER DISCUSSED DROPPED Hunter admitted he had a plan to nse the school bonds to pay up the deficit but the plan was dropped Hunter he did not originate the plan Attorney Herman Walker spokesman for the forces spoke of the Ormsby lution intimated Indirection in office against printer and asked if there wag anything in it which charged him a misdemeanor That is the unusual tion I ever said Attorney Robinson is the roost I ever said FRESNO May F national lin drive went over the top tonight largest Artists II tonight Manager Kalph Merritt thai the required acreage has been Tinder fourteen vear crop to assure the future of the Pun Maid raisin growers Freeno the French Regulations at Art Students Ball u u Finds Piloting Auto Not Easy OROVILLE May Eller gold tor of ell Bar has ridden burro over the and wooded mountain without a But Geqrge became inoculated with the of progress and modernity he came lo town and with the sold that he out of the mountain purchased an anto of well nuke learned to drive turn or the gas and go around the cor- ers on lush but one George to to Left alone his new burro Filer dashed up 1 street col- lided with the concrete curb barely a fenice station romped the J M McGee lawn fence and halted beneath a large orange treo Georce was uninjured He paid for but i till wonder ing if the burro cheaper u l mill House Leads in Effort to Force Price to More Reasonable by Using Less of the Sweet FLIGHT ators Ready at Word of Army Air Service to Try Globe Circling Plane Feat Two eminent of to c: G to Terms Aerial Record Smasher Gives Idea of Route That Might Possible ful Trip Mav By Altogether est celebration since the signing cf j the armistice I their charm at the Art bedlam models in the flaunted Students ball in defiance of the French government's hoins burst Into a wiM campaign when fhs announcement Six grinning from campaign headquarters sent to the bail to enforce the Ian looked on v interfering ihc cultivating when male students paraded hnd beern signed instead of unclad winners m a beauty nip nan on t Just to rub in defiance the new Wife Will Live Init Deny Divorce Plans Tne of the city of the sroun of on their ball last night partially from all over the San Alley joined in the a H bration police nan Gilbert Cartier winner of prize at the Julian hall bv Mitue of her boyish again 1 for the of queen of l nnd all might know the good At the of tlie excitement the dcra count v delegation to announce that the dine had gone 01 er PS per cent perfect in that county as a Allies Will Reject German Proposal By WEBB MILLER United Press Staff nancing campaign vas i VIDOR PARIS May and j completed two weeks the rince of Belgium will to Germany a LOF A 5 F pin nf l most j in thf o i I ir I nre tlie of B It It H Sdiff out N S U ute il nn t the show It an enthusiastic action to tho In ail of the Tlie White i ftn excellent for of the nation in ilio eis The of hni bean lv It tallied and n ihc the IK i fio present v i i f A ii h ni f the have household hai mi pri Iho of i o t ture of association which has by ire tri do a bie seeking n f n t fOT i T f t fl P I t Mr d We are two definite anti we mus out our i Hat refusal of her latest tions offer Tne not y M proposal that fche pa j billion gold maiks with the that a commission trate the reparations hy Hughes i American are ai There is no other man and The allied refusal peace ag we but T j there is n other womin In tho l result in resignation of Chancellor do for taid R shall n mil tag nt of win h is in the the HJH i the White ii up fn a The of and is a to ascertain the extent of the co Not Of U -5 in League I by the other or turnout up the we hold denied there anv England or legal separation con- of state l American are 39 I There is of which will make another j said Lord Robert a- one of the offer Meanwhile the French re- highest apostle of in the -id we are nf np BH in down tho it is n little to a nite line on It at Department of Com- hut there is a flowing down from he find in price By SAX Mur fir for my And It is fun When tho the word Mic nml t hill o attempt anv sort of flight the of Tnt n Kelly by 1 the nnd the of himself and tenant John A his Inp mote A flight to the land would probably start from San or sir line Lieutenant And then he The DipRTo flight was pome further tho the not let he said TO ON KOI i re The nlr rerord lie rout his superior of- in n is upon on the nnd The nnd of in 111 to he on Mtch a route would be the it was pointed out The T could for n H II Arnold of here today The big monoplane would as now her be- am in th ingN and save when full servo units miles are trouble Is I a nfi on the Kin Cincinnati of 1000 lanf i Three Faiths Demand Short Day for Japan national News Christians and bers of the Shinto faith here have joined hands in that the working davs of the girls not encil At meeting MA here under the auspices of the of Christian women of Japan a resolution was adopted to he presented to the of Home Affairs in de- that tho time of tho RirU at mid- night While yen spent vear on the and their ers ore of the opinion that the of living in Japan makes it absolutely hat he until 2 in the morning Thn American element in Kobe ii nil so see thai the of the ritv are not to work midnight Oakland dition Unearths Mummy in the Isolated Region of Grand Canyon Ancient Wall Writings Dis- covered by Local Scientists Led by Samuel Hubbard and Frederick Shaw main in the I league doctrine returning from a tour in the United States I Lil Father of Kidnaped Boy Safe From Jail BY UNITED PRESS LEASED mSE TO MEXICO CITT Hex May i Do not let us too on tie other side of the he said We must work 01 er here if we the league of nations to still But the h is come when individual and of personality mere marital happiness R permanent injunction has been granted Charles Sr are iher of the hoy from the Children's Home This grants him permanent Immunity j from arrest in connection with the for Dollars i I know about the told the Press Its a put-up joo me I Jo not knoy where the baby r By Universal Serrice RE Texas Begins War On Masked Mobs I TPT MTV f l or mocked Outrages n on night I The ir- in- a of nps bv hooded Miy 5 preek returned 26 I Er- n lion mob f Peter arrived here hurriedly n a River Yields Body Of Hammer Victim Mav 1 authorities were confronted with whipping The werf all 1 an reign of terror bv hammer mystery to personally confront the Hewitt body of a man in the Sacramento to daughter Anne of a last minute dash for the liner Pans Her was not on tho senger liat of the and she TnP t caPP to the purpose of T ured the to America It is under- of for fhe fixed at Irom Jl U Ji to river near Courtland The body apparently that of a Japanese had been bound and heavily weighted before thrown into the river Indications were that the head had been crushed by blows from a hammer or other heavy instrument share in the Hewitt estate Her husband the baron accompanied her American Schooner Founders in Gulf i MOBILE May of the loss of the three malted lean schooner Annie M Murphy 481 tons Captain master j For Letter Estate a northwest storm I Mi- and was sunk in the o To put a document before Hunter and ask him to explain that document is novel Robinson CHARGES f As I said are no against Hunter I can't se why he la tn I took rii years Hooter Herrick Convicted l May 5 Hernck former from Oklahoma was i found guilty of disorderly conduct j was withheld next Saturday to allow Herrick's counsel to file an appeal Hernck was arrested on complaint of a young woman that he was annoying her on the street Police officers testified he swore at them when they tried to arrest hira estate of the Z Loiter are made against Joseph Leiter capitalist and one of the trustees of his estate In ai on file It was brought by sifter Lady Marguerite 01 yi folk and Berks lives in land The asks for an ing aad Leiter's removal Mrs Nancy Lathrope Campbell of Santa Barbara of and sixteen others are in the hilt Marine Strikers Woman Hit Greek Would Oust I W W Gendarme Is Charge SAN PEDRO Cal May 1 May of j representatives were called In I glnia Brajni wife Of a former by the Federated Marine Transport afd oil haa been arrested Workers today In an endeavor to with slapping settle the strike They wish to a Greek ln the face and sever connection with the L before r courtmartial said an Athens but that they methods are dictating the MUSIC WEEK in 0 4 Mil S B Section It wiH be Week Committees ask you lo patch to the Daily Express today Penalize Reichstag Member Occupied Germany j Most of a of German I today was fined fay m on the that his attitude gainst iTt crew the ethers in trie cross of the from where they were rescued by a which took o Miss Tne Murphy en from Tampa FJa to port Mi si who added hla of the to th it if tins Hard nc with th information i Into fill di Th in- form in from iH nrd over from and i r o n U who he they f i nil to r it tint the are up OM r th and fur v i f i rr itf IN ST of Jf f.ubl.c.m whip and Senator H K i ih who to from tho on the part of iho r the of have PH hold of the weapon In and th it they tlie persona movement by and the of court action They he added that the i r bo found to support It After alk with the president r I Man Found Dead Believed Suicide FRANCISCO May Juan Flores who registered at local hotel as a of Eureka Ja by tne ponce to nave committed suicide by stabbing self He was found dead in an attic near the room assigned him It was at first believed had been murdered but the police later de- termined that the knife wounds had been He had complained of feeling ill The cause of his act is not definitely I folks arc a thin for people of I will ry OT to the extreme the people of tho what has by the But he tha that the mint KrJ farther and Jail those re- for the outrage Treasury Cause Tax Cut rould be to In event of nn de- Mem at if a It hai la ted that without the addition of the T 2 would for many the rough KH MTT TO of the ordinary leather in their over- land thi mould wenr Ul eauippcri air pads to iho trip ally made It wai naid of the unl that to the globe would iho main vry follow the n HP mapped out by the British service on an the would ike n through the points or places not far tir t Now Torlt to fhe Azores a of 2100 or perhaps a i trr and through and to India via Suez and up the coast of China Korea or Japan over the long of the Aleutian archipelago to Alaska down the roast of British bia to and aerons northern United States to the point at Xew Tork North Pole via Alaska Greenland and Norway to land as eon em plated by Admiral Moffett end other high army officials st Washington tenant Kelly would make ao com- ment other than to smilingly wav that he and Lieutenant MacReady were always ready and to undertake any flight projected Two Pearl Already Taken From Colorado Mine Hope for Others Small I lly j men vein in the north slope of the mine of Mm I'm J company at when a of exploded j fp to o flock tonight hem nnd wero to be In the nine to tn lives nro despaired of hn nrr of John and Loth Thov wore found 1800 fert from tho mouth of mine 300 feet beyond the burner of tied by the parties were forced to wo k In short until mine fans were put in hnd thn u i In th di the The U fi ment rescue from Trinidad is at thn mine of Fuel ind Jron company nnd of the rev uc f rev nf th re t the mine aiding in woik of cue of tiie mine men were In the although wore thirteen near the lit liio line injury pnd wern to regain the mouth of the The expedition headed by of the museum which week SKO lait Wednesday has discovered mummy of a lui man In a hitherto part of the Grand Canyon of according to word ri- here The discovery that the Grand Canyon was once the center of a hitherto un- known on the North ran continent Thn party headed by Hubbard Included Frederick Shaw ant of reptiles at Ian 1 and Milton T i nnd Jacob Fauson wealthy Ii men of San Francisco companied hy Indian the party proceeded from Grand to some 50 miles from El nr Arizona Their Investigation wits on Indian legends and Uy OU a trip into the valley In addition to finding the tnv who mny have lived of before King Amen ruled tho exploration Is reported to have wall writings which deciphered may a of the supposed lost race It IN reported that the expedition has secured a mass of which is expected to bj of great logical interest considerable fame for Oakland's new Objects which could not be removed It la reported were photographed and the will ho submitted to Bandits in Chicago Staggering Deficit Confronts Germany Mav tional News financial of staggering the German government this year Minister of drew told tha budget committee today for fiscal year of 1023 are of which only are covered by May F News armed bandits a hns a today nn of the company he re- turned from a Innk escaped In Today's Tribune SUNDAY Tlie In the First Piano A a Soh i and Rats I That Men hunt The Harem As the Ideal Home j From Storkton to i Oak Apples of An Insect on Chivalry Forty-one in India The Airplane and the Eagle COMIC Aunt Elsie Magazine Mr am Thousands Held In New York Subway BY UNITED PEERS D WIHt 10 May the waters of the East river be- tween nix and reven thousand wern kept prisoners in a ies of subway trains Jammed In the tunnel for more than two hoars Several fainted and were on the verge of nausea from foul air In the closed One woman waa taken to a hospital No On Killed In Chile Earthquake SANTIAGO Chile May 5 By United Restoration of communication with the region FrIJay night by an earthquake relieved the anxiety of authorities tonight who feared -i cf tho November ufter So far as has been no onn was killed Friday niu h damage done to property in ths region U S To Mexico Instructed BT LEASED WIEE TO May 5 B Warren and John Barton to By MARTIN United Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON May Oklahoma Governor Will War On Crime OKLAHOMA Okla Mav 5 Governor Jack Walton declared war on In Oklahoma last of the wild west stater tonight than 200 women have been arrested by special officials In tin Initial raid on shack towns Matt In woman Crash Mrs Robert M Love were In- jured last night when a car In into driven by Theodore Tenth street occurred at is In the administration's n in the next Congress The was paved for carrying out this Item the budget bureau an- here today that a treasury of was In sight Beebe The suffered A broken cuts way have Recommendations to bs ted to Congress will include it was a that from 15000 to he materially reduced and other surtaxes be pared slightly A on taxation is to be Included to oft the demand for morality and violation of Jawe Laborites Oppose Break wax TO FIRST NEWS Universal News United Prets Local SECOND NEWS Consolidated Press 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AUTOMOTIVE for Motorists of ibe Road Detroit Letter on Motor Row resistance to thi rupturs England and over question charges the rapture la dca to lew of lHU unu tbt Didrict Ask CLASSIFIED tions today from President ins and Secretary of State They will leave tomorrow Mexico City Tellegen To Help Girt Defend By Universal Service SYRACUSE N T May I Tellegen today declared tut take the stand and do erer in his power to clear the Mm vt Stella of tho made be IB against him Debs to Run Presidency Eugene V Debs will be a candidate for the presidency This was given here tonight Debs return home from A trip around the country All-Russian Chunk church like real