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First Wreath

First Wreath is a simple wreath, just right to celebrate a birthday with its shiny red apple, innocent white rose and beribboned bear. Just make sure you hang it high out of reach of curious fingers.

On my little Catherine Sleeping [Sep 7, 1775]

Sweet Innocent lye still & sleep,
While chearfull seraphs vigils keep,
To ward of ev'ry shaft of death
That may be wing'd to seize thy breath.

Dear Infant how serene you lay,
Nor heed the bustle of the day!
Thy little bosom knows no care,
For guilt neer lay & wrankled there;
In thee all troubles die & cease,
And all is quiet all is peace.

Major Henry Livingston, Jr.

Item Number: 20-68
Dimensions: 19"x16"x7"

* Note: Each wreath is handmade and may differ in detail from the pictured wreath. Sizes are only approximate and refer to the finished size rather than to the base wreath.

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