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20-63 Nature's Treasure 12"x7"x5" silks, acorns blue-green
20-64 Rosy Cherub 9"round x4" silks, dried, decorative sachet rose, lavender
20-67 Black Cat 8"round x4" silks, dried, enamel pin red, black
20-72 First Valentines 8"x6"x5" silks, dried, teddy bear, ribbon white, red
20-75 Flower Girl 8"round x3.5" silks, dried, teddy bear, ribbon white
20-66 Rose Bow 18"x14"x6" silks, dried, ribbon pink, green
20-74 Childhood Hearts 7"round x2" candies (non-edible) pastels
20-81 Lovebirds 18"x17"x4" silks, dried, decorative pinks
20-80 Dragonfly 18"x17"x4" silks, dried, dragonfly, fruit earth tones, red
20-70 Wedding Heart 25"x21"x6" silks, dried, ribbon white, green
20-61 Nature's Window 16"x20"x5" silks, butterfly, crystal yellow
20-68 Mauve Melody 19"x16"x7" silks, dried, fruit mauve
20-77 Harvest 18"x17"x4" dried, vegetables earth, green, red, orange
20-69 Coming Out 19"x17"x10" silks, dried, glass fruit yellow, orange, red
20-71 Earth Oval 22"x18"x10" silks, dried, fruit earth tones, green
20-62 Berry Heaven 23"round x5" silks, bird red, brown
20-65 Wedding Berries 26"round x5" silks white, brown
20-76 Scrolled Roses 19"round x6" silks, dried, decorative cream, pink
20-78 Victorian Valentine 18"x17"x4" silks, dried, cupid head pinks
20-79 Cupid's Bower 18"x17"x4" silks, dried, cupid sculpture pinks
20-82 Days of Wine and Roses 18"x17"x4" silks, corks, ribbon, fruit beige, purple
20-83 Annie Oakley 18"x17"x4" silks, revolver shells, ribbon brass, red

* Note: Each wreath is handmade and may differ in detail from the pictured wreath. Sizes are only approximate and refer to the finished size rather than to the base wreath.

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