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Red Reference Manual



The project manager is Dr. Benjamin Brosgol.

The principal language designer is John Nestor.

The authors of this document are John Nestor and Mary Van Deusen.

The following individuals have participated in the design and review of the RED language:

Peter Belmont
Toby Boyd
Dr. Benjamin Brosgol
Robert Cassels
Dr. Mark Davis
Dr. Bruce Knobe
Dr. David Levine
Dr. Fred Martin
Eliot Moss
Craig Schaffert
Michael Tighe
Mary Van Deusen

The project librarian is Judith Haigh. The diagrams were prepared by Robin Camardo and John Heymann.

Substantial contributions have also been made by our consultants:

Professor Barbara Liskov (MIT)
Professor William Wulf (CMU)
Professor Paul Abrahams (NYU)
Professor Robert Dewar (NYU)

Special thanks are made to Brian Reid (CMU), whose SCRIBE document formatting program has greatly enhanced the appearance of this document.

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of the many reviewers who have provided us with helpful comments and suggestions.

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