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Extended Common Lisp

LISP Pointers
Volume I, Number 1
April-May 1987

Extended Common Lisp
page 53-2

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Implementation Summaries

Name:  Extended Common Lisp

Standard:  Common Lisp

Additional Features:
Additional debugging aids
User-definable error handler
Auto-load facility
Foreign Function interface to function and data structures in C, FORTRAN,
    and other languages
Compatibility with several EMACS-style editors
Support:   available both supported and unsupported by Franz Inc.

Hardware/Software:   80386 Xenix/SysV Unix; AT&T 7300, 3B1, 3B2, 3B5, 3B15,
    3B20 UNIX; APOLLO Domain; Celerity; Counterpoint; Cray; DEC VAX ULTRIX,
    UNIX, VMS; Harris MCX UNIX; IBM S/370 UTS; Integrated Solutions/NBI UNIX;
    Masscomp UNIX; NCR Tower 32 UNIX; Silicon Graphics UNIX; Sun;
    Tektronix 440X; Unisys Series 5000 UNIX; ZILOG System 8000/32 UNIX.

Contact:   Franz Inc., 1141 Harbor Bay Parkway, Alameda CA 94501, 415-769-5656

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Vol. I, No. 1
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