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Programming Environments

LISP Pointers
Volume I, Number 1
April-May 1987

Programming Environments
page 39

Non-window environment:   The system provides only one Lisp environment at a time, and this is the primary restriction on having additional, non-console users. However, you can connect via the network, and use the Lisp Listener, the debugger in its non-window mode, the input editor, and the command processor. This mode of operation is useful for debugging remote server machines, and sometimes for running particular applications, but is not recommended for actual software development.

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The LBJ poetry-maker: The poetry maker is part of a simple-minded demonstration of an amusing if twaddling use of Common Lisp. Given a vocabulary categorized by part-of-speech, the poetry maker produces verse which rhymes only by accident and rarely makes sense. But it is infernally prolific, churning out another canto in scarcely over a second. The examples given here dally with the scrutable yet dodge the confines of pedantic analysis. The last of these is a relic of the frustrations of writer's block. The poetry maker was created by Leroy Banjo during his tenure as flunky at Lucid Inc., realizers of Lucid Common Lisp.
Laughing at the blue-eyed insect
The question was beyond my heavy gown
Over the flesh the cobwebs creep
He spread her sheep and claimed his crown

Telling in the purple woman
His glass was beyond their wild ceiling
Throughout the foot the bellies cry
I sold our plane and blamed their night

Mating through the fancy image
Her strand was against his paper groom
Suffering the blue-eyed fan
He watched the day and dropped her whip

The corner and the life
Sat against the shell,
They married all the animals
And died behind the braid.

The woman and the glass
Snowed around the cloud,
They balanced all the paperboys
And cried against the sound.

The NIL and the NIL
Fancy as the NIL,
They hated all the NIL
And quarreled by the NIL.

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Vol. I, No. 1
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