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History of Lisp

LISP Pointers
Volume I, Number 1
April-May 1987

History of LISP
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First announcement and call for proposals:


(GET 'LISP 'AGE) => 30

To be held in October 1988 at MIT Cambridge USA.

Organized by (THE LISP.MUSEUM) and MIT AI.LAB.

Proposed Program:
  1. Basic Ideas and Their Historic Relation to LISP
    a)  Lambda-Calculus
    b)  Recursive Functions
    c)  Functional Programming

  2. The Work on LISP at MIT 1958-1963
    a)  LISP Design and LISP Reality 1958-1959
    b)  The LISP1 System
    c)  The LISP1.5 System

  3. The Spread-out of LISP in Dialects
    a)  The Missing Next Step - the LlSP2 Project
    b)  From LISP1.6 to MacLISP
    c)  From BBN-LISP to InterLISP

  4. The Question of Language Description and Standardisation
    a)  The LISPl.5 Description as First Semantic Description
    b)  Formal Specification of Scheme and LISP
    c)  Virtual LISP Machines
    d)  Standard LISP
    e)  CommonLlSP

  5. 29 Years LISP - application
    a)  Formula Manipulation - Computer Algebra
    b)  LISP as Language Implementation Language
    c)  The Dendral-System as First Big Application of LISP
    d)  Expert-System Shells - The Big Business

  6. LISP Machines and,Parallel LISPs
    a)  The MIT (LMI/SYMBOLICS) LISP Machine
    b)  LISP Hardware at XEROX
    c)  The Scheme Chip
    d)  Parallel LISP

  7. The Development of LISP - implementation
    a)  Binding Strategies in LISP
    b)  History of LISP Compilers
    c)  LISP Transport Systems
    d)  Storage Management in LISP

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Vol. I, No. 1
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