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Minimizing Paging

LISP Pointers
Volume I, Number 1
April-May 1987

Minimizing Paging
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memory, but may severely degrade performance on a machine with smaller physical memory, since program code or other relevant data is displaced by the array. Metering is essential when using these functions.

Most page-replacement algorithms do not perform well for operations such as the linear traversal of a long array. A solution is to explicitly control paging during such operations, with paging control constructs such as sizscanning-through-memory provided with the 3600. This technique reduces the displacement of useful pages, and effectively predicts page references, doubling performance gains.

System optimizations. The 3600 provides the Optimize World command, which optimizes placement and inter-object references of system objects. This is provided separately because (1) this is too time-consuming an operation to be done at load-time, and, (2) it can optimize programs' runtime at the expense of development operations such as recompilation. Some of these system optimization techniques are discussed in [Andre 86].


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