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LISP Pointers
Volume I, Number 1
April-May 1987

page 12

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[6]  Texas Instruments, Inc. Explorer Lisp Reference, Dallas, Texas, 1985.

[7]  White, Jon L. Personal communication, January 20, 1987.

[8]  VanRoggen, Walter. Personal communication, January 9, 1987.

[9]  Daniel Weinreb. ARPAnet Common Lisp mailing list (common-1isp@su-ai.edu), January 15, 1986.

[10]  Alberga, C. N., Bosman-Clark, C., Mikelsons, M., Van Deusen, M. S., & Padget, J. Experience with an uncommon Lisp. Proceedings of the 1986 ACM Conference on Lisp and Functional Programming, Cambridge, Massachusetts, August 4-6, 1986, 39-53.

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Vol. I, No. 1
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