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This 6 page
reinsurance site conveys the solidity, integrity and expertise required of a firm that brokers reinsurance protection for managed health care providers. Dark green marble was chosen as a coordinating element to emphasize these qualities.

The prominence of the president of this firm in his field is demonstrated by the future and past talks that he has been invited to give. The list is shown in date order with no distinction made between past and present talks. This makes the list easy to maintain inhouse. For visitors interested in attending a talk, the color coding of the date fields makes it easy to find future ones. For visitors interested in inviting a talk for their own organization, the color coding of the titles makes that topic easy to skim as well.

The motivated animation for this site consists of two dice rolling in a 3D animation ending in "snake eyes", "Because risk exposure isn't something to gamble with."

Provider Risk Principals Speaking Bureau

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