NightWing Originals Website
NightWing Originals website

NightWing Originals is a jewelry site that currently specializes in earrings. The changing nature of the merchandise means that the navigation has to be flexible to deal with varying numbers of pages.

Earrings are grouped by theme on a page. This is a case where the images are essential to the site. To allow good-sized images to be used without incurring a large hit on download time, the earrings were isolated from their backgrounds and suspended over a simple white background. On these pages, the earrings are the stars and the design tries to keep out of their way.

The home page can afford to be more dramatic, and so a black background is used instead of white. The NightWing logo appears in electric blue and orange, while links to the theme pages appear as beautiful women modeling the earrings.

NightWing Originals Worn on the Fourth of July Bats in the Belfry

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